Frenchie 2000

It’s so amusing how pics come together when I’m digging around in my inventory.  I was standing in the wine cellar of the new Roost House and one French thing led to another.  My favorite Roost house is always the latest one they come out with, but one of the things that makes them stand out are all the extras that go with them.  Sometimes you can’t find them at their site, but there is a large collection of must-haves on the Marketplace.  You can see it all set up at Roost, or you can come see it where I live before I tear it down to put up another house to decorate. It’s safe to say I have an an architectural addiction in both lives.

Roost in World  |  Roost on Marketplace

Skin: Glam Affair @ Summerfest – Oakley * Hair: Lamb – Siren * Eyes: Dead Apples – Solar Eyes II

Hat: Jinko – Beret * Jacket: The Secret Store – Structured Blazer * Bangles: Maxi Gossamer – Damasc

Dog: Alchemy – French Bulldog * Pose: Alchemy & Del May combined together


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