The Liaison Collaborative Celebrates Bali

TLC's Bali 2000

The Liaison Collaborative puts on an ambitious event every month including The Boutique, The Garden and The Poser Pavilion.  This month’s theme is Bali which makes for some very fun pics.  New to me because I’m always on a build platform is 8f8 by ibi.  This Pavilion dock set is absolutely outstanding in craftsmanship and design.  So I went to look him up and found his blog, 8f8 Dress Me which led me to his Flickr and I have suddenly discovered a whole new level of artistic aspiration.  Stop what you’re doing right now and go look I’ll wait right here.  Now go get this set for your beach, you’ll LOVE it.

Clothing Credits:

Dock, Pavilion, Furniture & Accessories Set: 8f8 @ The Liaison Collaborative * Beach Blankets: The Loft @ The Arcade * Pelican: Animania – Standing Pelican * Trees: Habausa * Pose: Picture This @ The Liaison Collaborative



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