Party for Two

Party of Two 2000

Do you find that SL can translate so easily to RL? You’re in the moment with your friends and those who can get so close to you, I just love that.  I know the pic is a little on the dark side, but I wanted to show off the TLC offerings this month, you get the idea, right?  It’s so cozy.  I took the liberty of making the drapes at 50% transparent just because I think it’s sexy and thank you Iris for making your beautiful things moddable.  I’m going to credit the TLC goodies, I can credit my things if you ask, but Chris ran off to something important without giving me his deets 😉

What? You haven’t been to The Liaison’s Riviera event yet, well you better get over there before it’s too late.  There are some seriously talented people waiting for you.

Patio Set: DIGS for TLC Riviera – Genoa Patio Set * Lemonade Set: Keke for TLC Riviera – A Bunch of Lemonades * Pose: Infiniti for TLC Riviera – The View Couple’s Pose



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