Tell Me

Tell Me 2000

There’s just so much going on in this picture, let me tell you about it.  First off, no one can have enough poses and I had to have this super cute pose from Brandi Monroe at Infiniti for TLC’s Poser Pavillion.  I didn’t have to edit anything, all the appendages were all in the right places.

Apple Fall is showing off at TLC’s event with these Porthole Mirrors and the Huge Fan Palm which are fabulous because they are COPY unlike that folder full of gachas from The Arcade you’re hoarding.  Speaking of  The Arcade, I am in complete love with the Scarlet Creative Mountain Lodge.  I’m always setting up houses in SL just to tear them down again, but this one is seriously making me happy and I’m going to leave it up.  You have to come visit and check out the whole thing.  I also really want this Ruffled Rug from Apple Fall in all sorts of different colors and fabrics, you hear me AF??  A few other items from Apple Fall are available in his store like the Edi’s Lamp, Fern Specimen and the Unknown Specimen.  I’m not sure if the Fashion Cabinet is available, it was from a past event.

These lovely sofas are from Scarlet Creative over at this round of Collabor88, get the whole pack of colors you won’t be sorry, they’re classic gorgeousness that work with any decor.

House & Sofas: Scarlet Creative – Mountain Lodge & Working from Home Sofa in Cotton Linen

Lamp, Rug, Cabinet, Mirrors, Plant & Specimens: Apple Fall – Edi’s Lamp, Ruffled Rug, Fashion Cabinet, Porthole Mirrors, Huge Fan Palm, Unknown Specimen & Fern Specimen.

Pose: Infiniti @ TLC’s Poser Pavillion


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