Meshworx Doodle Table & Chairs for FaMESHed

Meshworx Doodle Table for FaMESHed 2000

I was thinking about Secondlife the other day when I was playing with this new furniture set from Loz at Meshworx.  Since the world is our oyster in our virtual environment, why don’t we break the rules more often?  It seems like I wear clothes I’d normally wear in RL and I buy houses and furniture I’d buy in RL.  Are you more conventional in Secondlife, or are you a rule breaker?  This set definitely breaks the rules, go check it out in a few colors at FaMESHed.

Skin: Glam Affair – Cleo * Hair: Truth – Esperanza * Jacket: Coco for FaMESHed – Bomber Jacket

Boots: Blueberry – Piper Boots * Table & Chairs: Meshworx for FaMESHed – Doodle Set


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