Enhancing Secondlife Hair in Photoshop – Tutorial

Hair Tutorial Rainey Manx

A few of you have asked me how I do my hair in SL, so here’s my first tutorial!  It’s waaay too long and I’ll learn how to speed it up for next time, but I hope you find some Photoshop tricks you’ll like.  Also if any of you have any tips and tricks on better tutorial publishing, I’ll be forever grateful.  I’ve added the link to the tutorial, the current set of hair and skin brushes I’m loving right now as well as a link to the Photoshop .psd file you can download and look at.  You don’t have to have accounts at any of these services below to get any of these files.

Have fun and happy Valentine’s Day.  You can email me with any questions at rainey.manx@gmail.com

Video Link at Screencast:

Hair Tutorial Rainey Manx

Brushes from castrochew at DeviantArt.com :


Photoshop Reference File:


I mentioned the rake brush that I didn’t link.  Thanks to Amanda Randall aka Pinkie on Plurk for the heads up ❤  Here’s the link: http://www.littlelamplight.com/shop/photoshop-brushes/


4 thoughts on “Enhancing Secondlife Hair in Photoshop – Tutorial

  1. I can’t say how thankful I am to have your tutorial, it is one of the most generous things I have seen related to photoshop ever! I have been tinkering with PS for a while now and while youtube is full of tutorials, its so hard to find anything that really related well to SL pictures that makes a big difference. I am looking forward to going through your next tutorials!

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