Meshworx Vintage Pin Up Tables & Chairs

Meshworx Vintage Pin Up Infinity Table and Chair 2000

Sometimes the universe just lines up. The Meshworx Vintage Pin Up furniture now out at the Men’s Department just MADE my art studio in the loft of the Urban Oasis build.  I would love to have this furniture in my real life office.  This is one of the poses in the chair and it worked out perfectly for this quoteable.  I also found all these art supplies at Keke that I HAD to have.  I hope my smart-alec quote made you smile today.

Table & Chair: Meshworx for the Men’s Department – Vintage Pin up Tables & Chairs * Build: Meshworx for FaMESHed – Urban Oasis

Art Supplies: Keke Gatchas – Inks Trays, Pens & Bottles

Coffee Cup & Saucer: Atmosphere Works * Indoor Plant: Forest Floor – Potted Scrub Maple


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