Urban Oasis by Meshworx for FaMESHed

Meshworx Urban Oasis 4 2000

Another fantastic round of FaMESHed and Loz Hyde at Meshworx is showing off this build called Urban Oasis.  It has an industrial feel, but I think making it into a loft-y kind of residence would be really be an interesting contrast.  I saw these avatars by Ra Ya Design and thought a morning after photoshoot would be hilariously fun for this set of photos.  It’s hard to see in these pictures, but the materials are beautiful as you move through the rooms.  Loz said he spent a month working on this, so that means it would take at least a year for regular people like me to get to this level of quality.

Packed with custom made photo-real textures and materials the detail is astounding, and for the brave among us this build is highly modifiable.   You could configure it into two builds side by side etc. but it requires someone with plenty of mesh experience and a knowledge of scripts as breaking it apart might break the door animations.  Speaking of the door, turn your sounds up for this one, it stops and starts with a click.

Warehouse/Loft: Meshworx for FaMESHed – Urban Oasis * Drunk Mesh Avatars: Ra Ya Design

For even more detail, you can see the large resolution pics on my Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/raineymanx/

Meshworx Urban Oasis 5 2000 Meshworx Urban Oasis 2000

Meshworx Urban Oasis 6 2000 Meshworx Urban Oasis 2 2000

Meshworx Urban Oasis 3 2000 Meshworx Urban Oasis 7 2000



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