Sunday in Waiting

Sunday in Waiting

When I was young, my grandma had a sofa with a wooden frame somewhat like this one but she didn’t call it a sofa or a couch.  She called it a davenport, or its affectionate family name, the Davenno.  Even at five years old I thought that was so very fancy.  The Area 51 theme at Garden event by The Liaison Collaborative  was so apropos with last week’s announcement that yes, Area 51 is real.  The late night radio UFO people have got to be ecstatic.

I have a more earthly depiction of all things alien because this set from DIGS is so ME…with the greatest davenno in SL.  You can get all the details at the DIGS website and you can purchase this set at The Garden until next month.  Available in PG and Adult versions, with single and couples poses in the couch and chairs. The couch has couples poses for MF, FF and MM couples. You can sit, recline, surf the net, drink coffee, eat popcorn, cuddle, or get intimate with this varied and versatile “click & sit” engine.  The set is also easily customized. There are a selection of wood and fabric textures included in the couch, chair, table and lamp, within access-controlled texture menus.

You can also see a little glimpse of the new Gos Boutique shoes, the Paris Peeptoes.  Deliciously detailed, I specifically love the heart shaped peep.  They come in multiple colors and uses the Colour+ technology in patent leather, or silk…very hard to choose, you should just get both sets.  Cute with jeans and a button down orrrrr your favorite silkies.  This release also includes  a separate Sapphire Paris that will be available as a PDSA fundraiser item.  Great organization for a great cause, you can find out more about it at the permanent kiosk at Gos’ store.

Oh and I have a little tip about finding the Picnic dress at Gizza if you’re using the Firestorm viewer.  Click on World -> Area Search -> type the word picnic in the Name box -> Click the Search button.  The system will search for anything with picnic on the sim and then you check the Show Beacons box in the bottom right corner and you’ll see some blue crosshairs where the Picnic dresses are located.  It REALLY saves time when you’re in a very large store with not a lot of time to look around 😉

Hair: Exile – Counting Stars * Dress: Gizza – Picnic Dress * Shoes: Gos Boutique – Paris Peeptoes

Bookcase, Couch, Chair, Coffee Table, Lamp: DIGS at The Garden * Pose: I used the couples cuddle pose and just let the dog jump up under my arm 😉


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