Fairy Tales

Fairy Tale 2048

How old were you when you realized that Fairy Tales were psychological jokes of unfulfilled expectations?  Not signing up for Happily Ever After isn’t a bad thing, it’s actually quite healthy in dealing with this tragic thing called life.  The well crafted stories are written by authors that have no problem throwing their heroes into mortal danger because that is what our problem solving minds want.  The sport is waiting to see when and if the author is going to give our protagonist  a reprieve every now and then.  It’s never easy, but I choose interesting every time.

I think the most epic stories are those where the antagonists and the protagonists switch it up because that’s what happens in real life, doesn’t it?  Situations present themselves and we make choices and not always the best choices.  The victory is learning not to have our minds so set that we can’t see the soft  spot in the heart of the bad guy.  So does the story change, or does our way of thinking change?  I don’t know about you, but I’ve learned so much by finding my way out of bad decisions that were some of my own and some that others made for me.

Life is so much more than the elusive Fairy Tale.

Hair: Truth – Amaya * Dress: Snowpaws – Courtesan in Goldfinch * Pose: Kuso

Chandelier: Meshworx * Tangled Arch & Enchanted Woods: Studio Skye

Inspired by the lovely Katya and her new series, The Writer’s Block http://simplydou.com/2013/07/31/the-writers-block-chapter-1/

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