Jade Up Close 2000


It’s been a while since a pranced around in my skivvies and bare feet in SL and I forgot how much fun it is.  Next week you’ll be able to wear this lovely skin, Jade from Hart Larsson at PXL Creations. There are layers and layers of options…three shades of moles, makeups, three kinds of cleavage.  I’m a fan of the three styles of lip gloss as well.  Be sure to pick up the SLink hands and feet appliers to go with each skin color…they’re awesome.  Here’s the exhaustive list of everything that comes with each skin:

5 eyebrow colors on Tattoo: Light , Medium (embedded on the skin), Blonde, Red & Dark
Eyebrow eraser tattoo
Freckles and no freckles face option
Enhanced Face version
Nails eraser gloves
Breast size C1 (small) and C3 (pushup) on tattoo layer and undershirt
Lip Gloss Tattoo (3 types)
Moles in 3 shades

Skin: PXL Creations – Jade in Natural Tone * Hair: Truth – Mina * Eyes: Ikon – Ascension Oxidation

Top: Fashionably Dead – Sheer Messy Crop Tank * Panties: The Sea Hole – Catalina Panty

Pose: The Muse by Audrey Cresci

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