All Dressed Up and No Where to Go

Diesel Works Glee Up Close

Diesel Works Glee

Some people think Plurk is the bane of Secondlife.  I’m not of that opinion.  I’ve met some of the most interesting people there and I’ve made some very good friends, a commodity that is actually quite rare in the bowels of the interwebnets.  One of those people I’ve met is Maxi Gossamer who owns a store of the same name, she sent over this adorable FuFu Bag for Fameshed that I had to show off.  It comes in black and silver.  She’s one of those designers that I stalk with my Feed Reader so I know the second she releases anything new…if I don’t see it on Plurk first.

This great Pose Prop was released by Rogan Diesel of Diesel Works  He’s made Nightingale’s Sorrow in black and Nightingales’ Glee shown here in gold.  Up to 16 editable poses in each cage, your possibilities are endless.  Check out all of his wares at his blog:

Skin: Belleza – Shyla * Hair: Truth – Tristana * Dress: Sassy – Anastasia

Bag: Maxi Gossamer – FuFu Bag * Shoes: Redgrave – Keira2 Ankle Boots

Pose Prop: Diesel  Works – Nightingales’ Glee


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