Are You Listening, Linden Labs?

Skin: Al Vulo for One Voice – Georgie * Hair: DeLa – Mango * Eyes: Poetic Colors for the Men’s Dept. – Pearl Columbia

Dress: Baiastice – Aicha * Earrings: LaGyo for Collabor88 – Santa Monica * Furniture & Pose: RnB Designs for One Voice – Beach Deck Set

I don’t really say much here, I don’t really say much in Plurk, I think I say the most in Flickr, and that’s not a whole lot.  I keep to myself and enjoy my Second Life experience with a small group of friends and fill my time with doing creative, positive things and ignore most things negative or dramatic.  One thing that really moves me to say anything is the ridiculous DMCA policy of Linden Labs.  It’s not the policy itself, it’s the execution.  I certainly hope you’re listening, Linden Labs.  Hundreds of people are pouring their time and resources into telling you that your policy is a complete and utter fail.

In what universe would you favor an accuser of theft by penalizing the person accused and removing their significant source of real life income without even a cursory glance or a real life discussion?  Here’s a tip, I use it in parenting.  When one child accuses the other child of some offense I understand it’s generally motivated by competition, greed or jealousy.  When it’s serious I punish them both, they are both going to suffer the consequences until things are sorted out and false accusations are far less likely to happen.  See?  Very simple.  I propose you take BOTH creators items down and I am certain there would be less of this very unfair practice and things would get settled much faster than they are.

I am incensed that the Hush skins are still for sale, this is insult on injury.  There needs to be a better, more efficient way of protecting content creators. Twenty thousand dollars to defend herself?  Absolutely ridiculous.  Gala Phoenix has been creating skins before Hush Darkrose was a twinkle in her pixel daddy’s eye.  Get someone in here who knows what’s going on, Linden Labs.  Twenty thousand dollars is playing for keeps.

On a better note, I’m thrilled to see how many creators are behind this effort.  Especially fellow skinners.  Simply awesome.  Gala, I hope you raise 100k and go on a fantastic vacation when this is all over.

2 thoughts on “Are You Listening, Linden Labs?

  1. I am looking into filing a class action suit again HUSH skins. LL will have to take the skins down while court action pends.

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