I’m fairly certain Sissy Pesoa at Baiastice doesn’t eat or sleep, have you seeeeeen all the different things she cranks out of her little workshop in the sky?  I’ve been marching around for a day or so in these Santigold funky retro pumps she made for Culture Shock.  I was going to take this very cool fadey kind of pic showing all of them lined up, but my sim is full, so I’ll take the liberty of foojacking Sissy’s vendor pic to show off  the fabulousness.  There is a cute collection of prints and a whole slew of solid colors.

Culture Shock begins today and it’s jam packed with gorgeous items, really.  You know how sometimes you get all excited for an event and you change out of your cutoffs and tank you’ve been working in for 3 days get all gussied up and run over there to find reconstituted old items, or really not much to get excited about?  Culture Shock is soooooo impressive this year, all sorts of fresh baked, meshy goodness.  I ran into a new (to me) pose store called Fly Lily by Melina Fetuccio.  Quite frankly I need new poses like a hole in the head, but these are all a little bit different and a lot of fun.

Here’s a link to all the SLurls for the event.  Take off all your swag especially your scripted items so you can get past the gate keeper 😉

Skin: League – Jen * Hair: !Lamb – Sweet Jane * Top: T.Whore – Lolita

Bangles: EY:NO – Mess Bangles * Nails: Leverocci – Round Nails  Vivid Plain

Skirt: Jinx’d Inc.- Denim Mini * Shoes: Baiastice – Santigold * Pose: Fly Lily

* Items in Bold denote  Culture Shock items.

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