The Many Faces of Kate

Hart Larsson at PXL Creations will be releasing his new skin, Kate this coming weekend.  The first two photos have been photoshopped and I’m wearing the base natural skin which is fluid and well done. Kate comes with so many make-up, freckles, cleavage and hair base options it would take me weeks to list.  The make-up and lip color options are on separate tattoo layers and can be mixed and matched to your hearts content.  I’ve posted a few unadulterated photos of my favorite combinations below with a couple challenges you might have fun with:

The first person to correctly send an email to with the eye make up and the lip colors in order with the corresponding pictures 1-8, I will give you $L1,000.  For instance, picture no. 1:  _____ eyes and _____ lips, and so on.  I’ll even make it easy and list the options you can choose from:

Smoke Eyes

Nude Lips Glossy

Cat Eyes

No Lip Color Tattoo – Original Skin

Deep Eyes

Bronze Lips

Double Cat Gold Eyes

Rose Lips Glossy

Double Cat Water Eyes

Nude Lips Glossy

Gray Eyes

Cherry Lips

Orange Eyes

Pale Lips Glossy

No Eye Makeup Base Skin

Copper Lips Glossy


And for a triple bonus, the first person to send me and email listing the color names of the IKON Utopia eyes in the photos 1-6 wins $L3,000. To make it fair, the eyes in no. 7 and no. 8 are prototypes, they’re not in the store…yet.  You can click on the photos and see the larger images in my Flickr stream, and you can visit the IKON Store in world to see the eye colors.  Have fun!

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