Exclusive Gift and How to Get It

Exclusive Group Gift coming right up. Here’s how to get it:

❶ Join the IKON V.I.P group ( find it in Ikon Innovia or Rainey Manx’s profiles, or paste this URL in local chat in game and click the hyperlink: secondlife:///app/group/3fb2df3a-1826-51e2-b4ee-4106bc97b692/about ). ❷ Show up Saturday for the Grand Opening and click the gift wearing your group tag. We’ll be sending an updated Landmark to the group before the Grand Opening.

We’re migrating everyone from the Fashism group over to the IKON VIP group. We’ll print a list of everyone in the group as of Thursday afternoon at 12pm SLTime and close the group before the sale. You’ll have the entire weekend to get your exclusive eye design gift, and we’ll pull it from the store on Sunday evening at 8pm SLTime. If for some reason you can’t be in SL Friday through Sunday, send Ikon a NOTECARD and he’ll send you your gift if you were on Thursday’s roster.

Thursday Feb 2nd – IKON VIP group closed at Noon SLTime
Saturday Feb 4th – IKON Grand Opening at Noon SLTime
Sunday Feb 5th – IKON V.I.P Group open again at 8pm SLTime

We can’t wait to see you there ❤

Don’t forget to join the IKON Flickr group and add your photos to be eligible for the “IKON of the Week” store display: http://www.flickr.com/groups/ikonsl/

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