The Many Faces of Baiastice


Skin: Baiastice – Cloe * Hair: Truth – Delia & Janice * Eyes: Fashism – Custom ❤

Dresses: Baiastice – Liksye & Mimikri – Emily Nomad * Boots: Baiastice – Jyo

Necklaces: Tres Blah – C88 String Necklace & Harlow Necklace * Poses: Glitterati

I would be here all week if I took pictures of all the Holiday dresses Sissy of Baiastice fame has put out, they are all definitely picture worthy, I just chose my favorite.   her new skins are very well done, this is the base skin, but they come with lots of makeup options which is a great deal.  I’m always pleased when I don’t have to tweak my shape.  She has some faboosh boots out as well, I wear them all the time.  Be sure to plump your wallet accordingly before you go over there, you’ll want everything.


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