You Can’t Date Him…

You can’t date him because he’s a girl.  This is my amazebolls boy avatar brought to you by the very talented Lulu Jameson.  Lulu recently opened VCD which stands for Vaya Con Dios.  I have to say his first attempt at skin is unbelievably well done, which makes Photoshopping much easier.  The Rafael skin includes: Bald, Hairbases and Facial Hair in Dark or Brown, No Body Hair, and Body Hair.

Lulu’s offering skins, hair, hair bases and facial hair which are all well done.  You too can have a hot boy avatar, or a great place to bring your guy friends for an awesome makeover.  Go check Lulu’s wares out at the Vintage Fair or his brand new shop.

If you do any photography with VCD’s offerings, be sure to send it in a notecard to Lulu, he’s thinking of putting a magazine together with some of the pics. Do it, seriously, his magazines are beautiful.

Skin & Hairbase: VCD – Rafael * Hair: Ego – Kim * Eyes: Fashism – Sunrise

Scarf: NSD – Slant Scarf * Pants: NV – Badass Baggy * Cuffs: Blitzed – Legacy Cuffs



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